Graduation is a crucial moment in every student’s life.

It is a junction wherein difficult life and career choices are to be made.

Some students have it easy and already know what they want to pursue ahead, while a majority are clueless and are confused about choosing the right field.

Angular is an open-source application development framework which is used to design and implement both mobile as well as desktop application. The framework is built using TypeScript. There are many users who tend to use Angular & AngularJS interchangeably. Although they are correlated to each other; Angular is not congruent…

Node.js is fundamentally a server-side platform which has been designed using the JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. This is one of the most viral & frequently used frameworks by the developer community in implementing & deploying scalable network applications. The key characteristics of Node.js is that it employs an ‘event…

There are a multitude of frameworks that Node.js brings to the table for developers to implement scalable and agile mobile & web applications. While different frameworks are apt for certain specific use-cases, Express is the most popular and frequently used frameworks by the developer community to implement both web as…

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