By — Ratnabh Kumar Rai, Board Infinity Alumni

Early Career Background

So I am about to complete my Internship by the end of this month. Let me share my story with you. Growing up, I wanted to get into IIT, but I missed that opportunity due to several reasons.

After some time, I decided to join University, but I made sure that I stood out among my peers. I didn’t want all that hard work to go to waste. During my first 2 years, I focused heavily on building new sets of skills, as well as, improving my coding skills.

But even after…

A web project is the process of developing and creating a website, activities in a network which are aimed at defining a goal. The end goal here is the transfer of static and dynamic content to be delivered to end users. Often, one doesn’t know where to begin with in terms of web development projects. Here are some projects to get you started and that will help you in the long run as well.

1. Third party API

Create a site that consumes a third party API. Almost every company you work for, is going to consume an API, whether…

Here are a few important parts from the conversation between Abhay Gupta, Co-founder of Board Infinity & Coach Amardeep Vishwakarma, CTO of Indian Express.

Amardeep has over 15 years of diverse experience in Internet Technology having expertise in managing & scaling high traffic websites.

He is also proficient in delivering high-quality software/projects through a mix of software engineering, management, and technical expertise.

In this episode of “Up, The Ladder” Amardeep shared his secrets on how he was able to grow exponentially in his career & work at companies like, HT Media, and a lot more.

Table of Contents

  1. How did you start…

Engineering graduates are analytical, logical and can think clearly. They have the ability to take on a lot at once and are capable of putting in a lot of hours. All these abilities make them eligible for a lot of booming career options, With the IT sector set to create maximum jobs in 2019 as per a report in Economic Times, the career options are many. Which will give a good salary and will be interesting at the same time? Let’s look at a list of trending career paths for engineering graduates.

Full Stack Web Developers

Full stack development is one of the most…

Graduation is a crucial moment in every student’s life.

It is a junction wherein difficult life and career choices are to be made.

Some students have it easy and already know what they want to pursue ahead, while a majority are clueless and are confused about choosing the right field.

That confusion is normal, let’s be clear.

It’s okay to not know what you want.

After all, the scenario has drastically changed now. You have a multitude of options in front of you as opposed to decades ago, and now you can always take the help of friends, relatives or…

React (also known as ReactJS) is pretty much similar in functionality & features to AngularJS; which is used to design front-end applications. The JavaScript library and the bunch of predefined APIs and functionalities enable developers to design interactive user interface designs. The key difference between ReactJS and AngularJS is that while AngularJS is predominantly used for designing & implementing web applications; ReactJS can be preferred for single-page applications or even mobile applications as well as it has dedicated libraries suiting the specific purpose.

As opposed to ReactJS, NodeJS focuses on server-side functionality and is used to code JavaScript libraries that…

Angular is an open-source application development framework which is used to design and implement both mobile as well as desktop application. The framework is built using TypeScript. There are many users who tend to use Angular & AngularJS interchangeably. Although they are correlated to each other; Angular is not congruent to AngularJS as the latter is primarily a JavaScript framework which is used specifically for front-end development. Therefore, AngularJS is fundamentally a client-side technology.

Now, coming to Node (interchangeably called as NodeJS); although Node and NodeJS may not be exactly the same thing; but they are related to each other…

Node.js is fundamentally a server-side platform which has been designed using the JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. This is one of the most viral & frequently used frameworks by the developer community in implementing & deploying scalable network applications. The key characteristics of Node.js is that it employs an ‘event driven’ and ‘non-blocking input/output model’ which enhances the performance and efficiency of the application & makes it extremely agile and lightweight. To add to it, Node.js is an open source platform; and is compatible with all operating systems supporting JavaScript.

The subsequent sections would deliberate on the key features and…

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are generally created and executed for input/output applications wherein the data from one application flows to another application in the form of a JSON string. This section would explain the various steps ad logic used to create APIs using the ‘Express’ framework on Node.js.

The most preferred approach to designing an API is the ‘REST’ approach. The key advantage of REST APIs is that it’s resource-based i.e. it forms an interface between two or more application wherein the information can flow via URLs formatting as either a JSON string or an XML quote as well. All…

There are a multitude of frameworks that Node.js brings to the table for developers to implement scalable and agile mobile & web applications. While different frameworks are apt for certain specific use-cases, Express is the most popular and frequently used frameworks by the developer community to implement both web as well as mobile applications. Express is the first-choice framework for applications built on top of Node.js. The framework provides a collection of routing libraries which forms a dynamic layer on the web application allowing developers to include custom features on top of the existing Node.js framework.

In addition to the…

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