Express as the most popular Node.js framework

Why is Express the most preferred framework amongst other top Node.js frameworks?

  1. Performance — Performance is one of the most preferred factors basis which developers select the framework of their choice. Express being a minimalist framework has a thin layer of customization over the existing Node.js features. This means that the inherent performance optimization (in terms of input/output operations, event routing etc.) of Node.js is not compromised.
  2. Simplicity — The ‘Express’ framework is not attached to any pre-defined design patterns such as the MVC architecture or the MVP framework etc. Hence, designers have the leeway to orchestrate their own design patterns which would suit the particular application.
  3. Rich collection of templates — Designers and developers generally prefer frameworks with an exhaustive collection of templates as these are readily usable and gives a concrete shape to their application without them having to code every bit of it. There are multiple options provided by the express generator which can be leveraged by developers as per the need of the situation.

How to choose the best framework for a particular project/application?

  1. Performance & scalability
  2. Options for easy customization
  3. Availability of rich collected of pre-defined templates & modules
  4. Available documentation & community

Where not to use Express?



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