Talent Specialists — What do they look for?

Board Infinity
2 min readApr 20, 2021

Aniket Bangale, Talent Acquisition Specialist of WhiteHedge Technologies says “Finding good talent in IT is difficult and challenging as there are a lot of options. WhiteHedge Technologies provides services in product engineering, digital transformation, quality engineering, and many more. We bring domain expertise in the areas of Cloud migration, DevOps, Automation, Microsoft Technologies, Java, Open source, Cloud Apps, and Product Development For ISV’s. We look for people with experience of at least 3 yrs with an urge to learn more, grow, and be good with the new technologies. The fresher hiring will be mostly in the field of Marketing or Lead Generation. We expect 100% commitment from our new joiners”.

Having experience of about 7 yrs as an accomplished recruiter with proven expertise in Recruitment, Hiring Practices, and negotiations, Bikash Kathwar shares few words about his experiences in IT and Non-IT hiring.

“Job availability is more into IT. A good brand attracts talent whereas a startup attracts talents by offering high packages and lots of benefits. The issue of stability stands as a challenge in both large enterprises and startups. In the case of non-IT, job availability is less and hiring is easier than that of IT. People tend to come even if offered with low packages. Stability is quite good in this case. When I hire I make sure the candidate is crystal clear about their role and are dedicated individuals. We also have a separate team that looks after fresher hiring through campuses”.